Fantasy Animals as Children

This series casts imaginary animals as children, most of them paying energetically. These paintings were originally posted on Facebook under my account as Karen Little.

I just finished creating a series on imaginary animals based on what I saw in cracks and concrete and changing places, where I cast fantasy animals as people. I’ll add to this collection until I produce 15 or so images, then on to the next thing!

The paintings posted here show my most recent one on top. The last one was posted on 12/31/18.






Concept Art

Concept art is based on a cross between one’s imagination and reality. It can get quite detailed when designing for games and picture books. In my case, I just enjoy creating imaginary characters that are a cross between animal and human, or are found in the spirit world of water and cracks.

If you are also interested in creating imaginary characters, whether realistic or cartoons, you might like to follow the advice listed below:

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