Sketches of People Seen on My Road Trips

The following are sketches of people I’ve seen while traveling on road trips.

While I try to do quick from memory sketches, the people who appear here were “collateral” (background) in pictures I took of scenery or special events.

I plan on adding sketches to this page as the year, 2019, goes on. I’ll start a new page, however, for every 15 posted.

Here we have one of many kids leaping around during a class trip to Fayette, Michigan, on an outdoor museum tour. None of the boys appeared too scholarly, especially the ones who were tumbling down hills. (End of May 2019)

This woman caught my eye when traveling through Door County’s woods as it appeared her dog was walking her . . . (End of May 2019)

This very fit man was seen at an art and craft fair in Door County, Wisconsin. At the time, I was preparing for an art fair exhibit of my own and he appeared behind the vendor canopies I was studying. (End of May 2019)

This boy was seen strolling across the street in Door County as he approached an art fair. (End of May 2019)


Sketches by Karen Little of and All rights reserved by Littleviews, Karen Little. Contact Karen if you’d like to reproduce them or if you’d like her to draw custom sketches for you or your publication.

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