Fantasy People Based on Caramel Corn

This series, started in January 2019, is based on my noticing that individual pieces of caramel corn look like little heads. If I don’t eat all of my current batch, I’ll have enough kernels for at least 20 fantasy people drawings.

These drawings follow my series of Fantasy Animals as Children that assume the characteristics of kids playing. This new series also features kids playing, but this time their faces are based on what I see when looking at a piece of caramel corn.

The featured piece of caramel corn seen above was the inspiration for the first drawing in this series, which is the last illustration on this page. Do you see the connection?


Fantasy People and Animals - Caramel Corn Kids by Karen Little


Fantasy Animals by Karen Little - the Caramel Corn Kid out for a ride

Concept Art

Concept art is based on a cross between one’s imagination and reality. It can get quite detailed when designing for games and picture books. In my case, I just enjoy creating imaginary characters that are a cross between animal and human, or are found in the spirit world of water and cracks.

If you are also interested in creating imaginary characters, whether realistic or cartoons, you might like to follow the advice listed below:

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