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Littleviews-Crafts.com and Littleviews.com are owned by Littleviews Publishing.  I (Karen Little) am the publisher.

Littleviews.com represents my business as a freelance writer specializing in technical subjects, training programs, video slide presentations, and web content development.

Littleviews-Crafts.com showcases my interest in art, crafts, wearable art, Royal Icing cookie decoration, drawing, and anything else that pops into my mind.

I am available for speaking engagements on plant-based eating, and organizing cookie decoration parties for kids and adults alike in New York City and in Hudson County, New Jersey. Through Littleviews, I am a registered business consultant in New Jersey and have a Federal Business ID.

Questions? Comments? Contact Karen Little at  Info@Littleviews.com.


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Definitely contact me about your ideas and interests, or if you see a mistake or something out-of-date!

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