Welcome to a site devoted to my (Karen Little) interest in crafts and cookies.


. . . and not just any crafts. I am specifically interested in the development of quilted, corded necklaces, Royal Icing on sugar cookies, and drawing.

I’ve been making finished quilted corded necklaces since December, 2017, and Royal Icing decorated sugar cookies since January 2018.

By or before the end of 2018, you will be able to buy corded necklace kits.

The quilted, corded necklaces are sold on Etsy.


What you’ll find on Littleviews-Crafts

  • Information on quilted, corded necklaces under Wearable Art
  • Pictures and processes related to Royal Icing-decorated cookies under Royal Icing
  • Links to websites and other material that is informative under Crafts
  • Information about group sketching events under Group Sketching
  • A Blog containing articles on a wide-range of unrelated subjects
  • A Site Index that lists all of this site’s topics and articles on one page

Learn more about our MeetUp, which is named Weehawken & Hoboken Outdoor Drawing (in New Jersey), as well as other MeetUp opportunities where you can meet others in cities around the world and join them in doing things.