Sketches of the Women in the 116th Congress

This series of sketches is based on portraits posted in the New York Times under the title “Redefining Representation: The Women of the 116th Congress.”

The New York Times and its photographers own the copyright to the photos I’m using as references.

My sketches are non-commercial and were created to honor these women as well as to aid my study of portrait sketching.

If you are practicing drawing portraits, you might want to look at the original photos as they are beautifully shot. Rarely does one come across 131 photos that are uniformly excellent. The shadows seen in this series provide facial definition seldom shown on selfies or snapshots.

I’m sketching from the print version of this journal, however, some of the photos are too small to see details. Happily, you can see bigger versions online by using your touch screen to enlarge them. If you are an art student (which I am for life), not only will you learn more about facial construction by sketching from references, you’ll become more acquainted with our new female congress at the same time.

(The most recent sketch in this series will always be the first in line.)

Sketch of Nancy Pelosi, California Representative
Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives

Sketch of Susan Brocks, Indiana Representative

Sketch of Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts Representative
and Kristen Gillibrand, New York Senator

Sketch of Joni Ernst, Iowa Senator
and Maria Cantwell, Washington Senator


Karen Little –

Note: All art on this page is the property of and and may not be reproduced without permission of the New York Times and its photographers who produced the reference material for my practice.