Sam Crosser, entertainer, pianist, instructor, and piano tuner!

Tune up with Sam. That’s Sam Crosser, entertainer, pianist, instructor, and piano tuner!

Samuel Crosser of Osage, IA, comes from a musical family. At age 6 , the youngest of his siblings, Daniel, David and Connie all played in a band that was started by their parents, Doc and Mary Lou. They called themselves “The 4 Generations,” as the family musicians go back four generations.

Currently, Sam plays music throughout north east central Iowa with ” Island Fever Music Specialist” ~ great dance music for parties, weddings, receptions, all occasions. Also ~ NovaJazz, a jazz group playing straight ahead jazz.

Sam, with his upbeat personality is sought after as a solo artist, popular with his audiences for his repertoire of light jazz, soft rock , soft funk, and gospel, which he adapts for weddings, private parties, Christmas events, church, funerals, parades – any occasion.

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