Changing Places: Substituting Fantasy Animals for Humans

In this series of paintings, I continue to explore fantasy with the idea that I develop a style that I can replicate.

To come up with ideas, I look at pictures at random of people doing things, then I identify an animal that seemed like a good substitute.  At first, I used common animals (cats and dogs) but I’ve started using more unusual animals, like the kangaroo drilling a hole with a power drill.

The pictures below of fantasy animals were first posted on Facebook and are presented here in the order completed, with the most recent on top.



Concept Art

Concept art, when integrated into a serious project, takes a great deal of planning and skill. At the level you see in my article, creating imaginary creatures is fun and a good way to expand your imagination.

If, however, you wanted to elevate your illustrations into children’s books, games, or other types of professional reproduction, follow the advice provided here:



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