Karen Little’s Sketches: Baseball Batters

One of my hobbies is pencil sketching, so this week’s work depicts baseball batters which I base on references seen in newspapers, magazines, and around the web. I call this work abstract reality because I’m interested in posture and creases in clothing rather than creating photographic-likeness pencil sketches.

All the images are drawn freehand on Canson Mixed Media paper. I reproduced the sketches using my iPhone’s camera. If you would like help or comments on your own sketches, contact me (Karen Little) at info@Littleviews.com and I’ll be happy to help!

Pencil sketch of baseball batter by Karen Little
Pencil sketch of baseball batter hitting a ball
Pencil sketch of baseball batter swinging a bat Pencil sketch of baseball batter starting his run Pencil sketch of angry baseball batter by Karen Little


About the artist

I sketched these baseball players mid-April, 2018. All are for personal use, however, if you are involved with a team and would like sketches of various players, contact me and we can arrange something.

Do you sketch sports figures and would like your work posted? Let me know and I’ll set up a page!

Karen Little – info@littleviews.com

PS: All sketches on this page are the property of Littleviews.com and Littleviews-Crafts.com and may not be reproduced.