Royal Icing Consistency Links

The number one factor in designing cookies and cakes with Royal Icing is knowing how to make it. Developing frosting consistency skills can be a struggle and you need to consult more than one on-line expert to succeed. The links that follow I’ve found to be very helpful. Please tell me about your recommendations and I’ll be sure to add them.

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Measurement & Conversion

  • Convert-to-com: One-way unit conversion calculator
  • Consistency timing in seconds:
    • 3 to 5 sec flood consistency for large areas.
    • 6 to 7 sec flood consistency for small areas
    • 11 to 13 sec soft outline consistency for flooding.
    • 11 to 13 sec for dots using #2 PMI tip – see below
    • ?? 18 to 20 sec for piping consistency, crisp line work

Littleviews - Royal Icing Dots

Notes: April 13, 2018

Experimented with and without metal tips on parchment cones. I prefer the metal tips but stiff icing requires too much pressure with a metal tip and the icing comes out around the edges of the tip.

PME #2 makes for a nice outline, #3 outline for flooding, Walton #10 for flooding

Used an actual timer to determine consistencies.

Place individual cookies on a square of parchment and use the parchment for moving the cookies around so you don’t touch the wet frosting.

To do:

  • Create design and color plan to carry out (see Google Dr.)
  • Experiment with PME #1 and 1.5 tips on 12″ disposable piping bags
  • Possibly run the frosting through a strainer before using for the tiny tips
  • Buy: disposable 12″ bags, cotton dish towels
  • Start weighing quantities used for different tasks and make notes