Royal Icing Paisley, Mandela, and Wet-on-Wet Design Links

Updated September 5, 2018

I love brightly colored Royal Icing on sugar cookies, with each cookie being different. Some of these designs are the result of wet-on-wet mixing of multiple colors, and others, the result of hand-held piping. The links that appear here point to examples of mandalas and symmetrical designs.

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Until now, I imagined that there were instructions somewhere on the web on how to make individual wet-on-wet designs, but did not know where to find them until seeing a demonstration on Pinterest. There I discovered that this type of art is called Ebru, which refers to an ancient craft of Turkish Marbling.

The marbeling is created by floating paints on thickened water, then transferred to paper or cloth.  Click this Google Link asking for “Turkish Marbling Art” for many reference articles and video tutorials. Mentally translate this information to Royal Icing flow-on-flow techniques.

See many examples on Instagram’s firdevscalkanoglu. Although I can’t read a word on this page, I did learn that you can take classes on the craft.  Here are a few links to videos found on that page:

Flower  – Tulip – Stylized Tulip – Small Flowers – Vine and Carnation – Carnation with Buds – Hyacinthia

For even more instructions where you can see what types of designs are being demostrated, search Googles Images and also YouTube on the subject of “ebru flowers.”

A more industrial version of this technique is called “hydrographic.”  For more information, search YouTube (Hydrographic) and the web on the subject.

More Patterns Actually Made with Royal Icing

The Royal Icing Diary page, Marbling with Royal Icing, shows many wet-on-wet design patterns. ( The following clips are from this site:

Example of wet-on-wet Royal Cookie decoration by Royal Icing Diary

Julia Usher ( discusses Royal Icing use in detail. Check her page on Marbling Technique Tips. The following picture is from her site:

Julia Usher design using Royal Icing wet-on-wet


Here is another awesome design on Julia Usher’s site related to Christmas Cookies. The artist who posted it is Nanzcam aka Nancy Kemp.

Wet-on-wet Royal Icing design by Julia Usher

And still another tutorial on Julia Usher’s site, this one by designer, Manu called “The Wet-on-Wet Sunflower Cookie.” Below is an image from Manu’s tutorial.  Check Manu’s site for additional tutorials like this one, “Wet-on-Wet Poppie Cookie.”

The following is an interesting design from The Fashion Domain blog.

Royal Icing design created by The Fashion Domain blog

For an incredible array of what Melodia of Melodía Cakes and Treats calls “tie dye” decorating, check out her beautifully illustrated article entitled “Tie-Dying with Toothpicks: Far Out, Man.” Carefully read her article for links to more interesting wet-on-wet designers.

Samples of "tie dye" wet-on-wet design by Melodía Cakes and Treats

Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to make wet-on-wet roses:

I am enchanted by the wet-on-wet designs created on by sugarrealm of Sugar Realm Bakery. You will find her tutorial, How to Master the Wet-On-Wet Royal Icing Technique, detailed and beautifully illustrated.

Example of Royal Icing Wet-on-Wet Design from Sugar Realm Bakery

For similar designs, do a web search on “marbling coffee,” then view the images like the ones that follow.

Examples of coffee marbling design

More examples of marbling:

Examples of Royal Icing wet-on-wet designs

For very perfect Mandela designs, consider using a stencil like this video tutorial shows:

Stencil Search

For an array of exciting Mandela designs, do a web search on the subject of Royal Icing Mandela Designs and view the images.

To find Mandela and henna stencils, do a Google search on Henna design stencils for fondant, then click on the Shopping tab.

For cookie-sized Mandela stencils, do a Google search on Small mandala stencils for cookies,  then click on the Shopping tab.

Piping Mandalas

To pipe Mandelas, watch this video, with Dulcia Bakery’s written instructions here.


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