Wearable Art

Updated September 17, 2018


Our new line of quilted and patchwork jewelry is about to be released on Etsy and possibly Amazon.

Our primary outlet, however, is in organizations, such as churches, clubs, and other special interest groups for fund raising events.

After considerable thought, it occurred to us that the fun of fabric art is in the unlimited selection of colors and patterns which lend themselves to custom-made pieces. The best place for people to meet, have fun, and create their own statement pieces is in group events, and what better way to have an event than to support worthy groups.

Currently, the last pieces of our demonstration collection are being finished. All reflect new designs, ideas, and construction techniques. Below is a finishing table for one of our designs.

As our business develops, we will feature local artists who also make unique, custom crafts with the idea that we will become a “one-of-a-kind” item shopping experience for the good of shoppers, artists, and the community itself.

While there are currently three necklaces on our Etsy Shop, they are no longer available and are simply placeholders until our new line is ready.

Questions? Just ask Karen Little at info@Littleviews.com.


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