Wearable Art

Updated June 15, 2018


We are involved in some rigorous redesigning of our necklaces to correct a problem that caused some necklaces to rotate during wearing. We are also standardizing some designs.

Coming up, we will be selling quilted cord sets, with 4 cords per sets that include instructions on how to create quilted, corded necklaces on your own.

While there are a few necklaces available on our Etsy Shop., I will not be posting new necklaces until sometime in August, when we are ready to launch the new line.


The above photo shows a new necklace under construction, plus two recently finished. These new necklaces lay flatter over the shoulders and will not naturally rotate. You can see safety pins in the necklace under construction. They mark where additional reinforcement is being introduced to provide more structure. Information about that will be included in our How To Create Quilted, Corded Necklaces video.

Questions? Just ask Karen Little at info@Littleviews.com.

Below you’ll find our current wearable art for sale on our Etsy Shop.

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